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Brooklyn Botany Founder Joseph Zigelboum is Making Self Care Affordable Again

Good self care products have to break the bank, right? Wrong. Founder of Brooklyn beauty product brand, Brooklyn Botany, Joseph Zigelboum wanted to bring the care back into self care with good-for-you formulas that were also affordable. Now, he’s reached a cult following on Instagram (seriously, everyone’s been talking about the colorful scrubs). Here, Zigelboum tells me his story and why ingredients are the main focus behind the brand.

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Seed Phytonutrients Founder Shane Wolf Is Eliminating Plastic One Shampoo Bottle at a Time

When it comes to hair and skin care, Shane Wolf—Founder of Seed Phytonutrients—doesn’t mess around. Launched on Earth Day in 2018, the Doylestown, PA-based brand prides itself on sustainable and natural ingredients that lead to a positive impact in the environment. Here, Wolf talks his journey, and what we can expect from the brand.

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