Founder of Muck Soaps, Mary Ngo, Talks Being an Environmentally Conscious Company

During the day, Mary Ngo works as a systems engineer in Los Angeles. But during her free time? She runs her business Muck Soaps. Here, she tells us the inspiration behind her soap bars and what to look forward to next.

When did you start Muck Soaps?

I started Muck around May of 2018, but didn’t launch my site until October of 2018.

Did you always want to have a skincare company?

Not exactly, but things happened to fall in place. I have always been interested in skincare, and use to spend tons of money on it. Then I started looking at ingredients and noticing that a lot of the cosmetics we use today have so many chemicals in it. Some are beneficial to the skin, but most are fillers with no benefit. So then I started on this journey to create all natural soap and skincare for myself and started giving them to my friends and family. They all started asking me for more products because they really liked it, and eventually led to me creating Muck Soaps.

What was the inspiration behind Muck Soaps?

To be honest, I always paid attention to skincare and never really thought much about soap. One day, I was gifted an all-natural handmade bar of soap from Hawaii. That was a game changer. When I first used the bar, I was shocked at how nice the soap was. It had this luxurious lather, cleaned my skin very well and left my skin soft and moisturized. Then my husband used it and he was also wowed by it. He is the type to not notice or care about the use of bath products, so him noticing it was a big deal. At that moment, I thought to myself, why was this soap so amazing? And so I began researching and experimenting everything and anything about soap and the difference between all-natural versus commercial brands. My curiosity snowballed into turning my home into a soap lab.

What is your main mission with these products? 

My main mission is to introduce people to all natural soap, and show them that not all soaps are created equally. Clean skin is the foundation of healthy skin, so if it is not cleaned properly, it can lead to acne and other skin issues that can easily be avoided. 

Do you have a favorite product?

Yes, I do. I love the Rose Marble bar from our Nourishing line. It just has this silky luscious lather that I love. It also leaves my skin soft and moisturized.

 Is there anything new coming up that we can look forward to?

Yes, there is. I am planning on launching a few new specialty bars coming soon. We are also thinking about adding some aromatherapy candles to our line as well.

What change do you hope to make in the world with your company?

One major thing I would like to accomplish is to be able to influence people and other companies to start caring about the environment a little more. Reduce, reuse and recycle anything they can to lower the amount of trash that goes in our landfills. Also, I would like people to donate to charities that are trying to help our planet. For me, we decided to work with to plant trees. Trees do so much for the environment and so we pledge to plant a tree for every bar sold.

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