Jennifer Joan Gouin Makes Passion into Business

Jennifer Joan Gouin

Jennifer Joan Gouin

Knowledge of skincare and beauty runs in Jennifer Joan Gouin’s blood. Growing up, her Aunt Joan and Grandma inspired natural concoctions for hair, skin and body—leading Jennifer to consistently experiment with ingredients. It wasn’t until the Christmas of 2016, however, that a batch of oils she had made as a gift for friends foreshadowed Jennifer’s future company. Now, she turns out luxury oils for the face, body and beard in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Here, Jennifer talks about her background and how it led to Jennifer Joan Skincare.

What is your backstory? Did you always want to have a skincare company?

I’ve always been an avid student of natural skincare. Even as a young girl, I was making homemade masks, conditioners, potions and lotions out of anything I could find in the kitchen and pantry. I’ve continued along the pathway of mindful beauty and natural skincare throughout my teens and adult years, always creating and formulating new concoctions and recipes. My schooling and career path took me on a different route entirely however, and I was employed in the oil & gas industry here in Calgary from 2006 to 2016. I ended up getting laid off in 2016 in the recession that rocked our province. Oddly enough (I call it divine intervention), three weeks before I got laid off, I had gifted my friends with some lovely face oils I had created as Christmas presents. The feedback was incredible and completely unexpected. All had responded saying their skin had never looked better, they weren’t breaking out anymore, even rosacea and psoriasis was disappearing, etc. They wanted me to make more so they could gift them to their friends and family. Needless to say, I was surprised at the response but was more than happy to share the oil love! When the layoff happened shortly after, I knew it was my time to shine, so I began Jennifer Joan Skincare and have never looked back! I have to laugh because I went from conventional oil to face I’m still in the oil business.

Talk to me about the branding of the company. 

For my company name, I wanted to go with my own name because I knew I’d never get sick of it. The special part is that “Joan” is my middle name taken after my aunt, who has since passed. She was a gorgeous, caring woman that was into beauty, modeling, makeup and skincare. She bought me my first hair dryer! What young girl doesn’t remember gifts like that? I’ve always known that I wanted a gorgeous, minimalist luxury line. Something sexy and sleek, with an understated elegance. Black and luxurious was simply the way to go for me, no questions asked.

In two-to-three sentences, what would you say is your main mission with these products? 

I want people to feel sensual, decadent and special when they apply Jennifer Joan oils. Carving out some self-care time into our daily routine is a must, so why not feel beautiful doing it? Take the time to love yourself.

What is your thought process behind creating them?

There is something so majestic, ancient, and feminine about oils. They have been around before man, and possess so many healing qualities and synergies. To be able to tap into a natural healing modality like oil application is something that I felt had to be done. There was no other option for me—it had to be oils. To heal your skin, your senses, your spirit using only natural, ancient oils is so simple and beautiful and pure.

Is there anything new coming up that we can look forward to?

I will be launching Face Mists in 2019! To use before and after oil application to enhance the efficacy and absorption of the oils.

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