Your Must-Have Products for Troubled Skin

Photos courtesy of brand websites

Photos courtesy of brand websites

It’s happened to all of us. Your skin is perfectly glowy and clean, until….a big red pimple pops up. For me, it’s often in the middle of my forehead or chin—two spots that are completely unable to be covered by hair. It’s like your body knows when that big date or event is coming up, don’t you think? But thanks to spot treatments, cleansers and masks, the little buggers can disappear quicker than ever. Here, my favorite Follain products to mix into my routine when I have an unwelcome friend—all for 15% off with code ref15_nxnroz.

Ocean Cleansing Mud by OSEA Malibu, $48

Boy, oh boy, was I surprised by this cleanser. You all know that I am a HUGE fan of OSEA Malibu, but I’ve never tried this version of their cleanser until now, and I can’t go back. The amino acid-rich algae and seaweed works at deep-cleaning your pores, while inflammation-cooling oils wake up your complexion. While it says “mud” in the name, the texture, itself, is not too thick, and is very easy to apply in your routine. I started using this cleanser when I was having a lot of hormonal breakouts, and it really worked to stop them in their tracks, and break down the ones that had already popped up.

Blemish Lotion by Indie Lee, $26

I’ve tried a lot of spot treatments over the years, but I never felt like they truly worked as fast as I needed them to. But not with this acne fighter. Made by skincare guru Indie Lee, the creamy pink product uses salicylic acid to calm your skin, reduce redness, and minimize the appearance of those nasty red pimples. When I have a nasty blemish pop up, I like to apply this at night—as it is visible on your face—by dipping a Q-Tip in the bottle (don’t shake it!) and directly swiping onto the spot. When I wake up, the pimple isn’t necessarily gone, but it is severely reduced in size and redness.

Spotless Blemish Oil by Osmia, $22

For a spot treatment to apply throughout the day, look to this roll-on blemish oil by Osmia. Rather than aggressively drying, the oil-like formula works to treat your skin on a deeper level—preventing future acne, and also dealing with the present spots. I really love the scent of this oil. Most blemish treatments are really pungent—even when made with natural ingredients—but thanks to evening primrose, lemon and rosemary essential oils, you can happily apply this throughout your day without smelling like a chemical treatment.

Blue Tansy Mask by Herbivore Botanicals, $48

I know you’ve heard wonders about this mask. I know I have. And because you should be masking at least 2-3 times a week, this is perfect to incorporate when your skin is being less-than cooperative. Made by Herbivore Botanicals, the blue-colored mask gently sheds your skin and unclogs pores to promote a clear complexion thanks to blue tansy flower oil and papaya fruit extract. And if it couldn’t get much better than that, the scent of the flower oil also helps to destress and calm your mind, meaning you’re taking care of both your physical and mental being.

**These products were gifted to me for a review, and were not bought by me. My opinions are my own and were not altered by the gifting. i am a Follain Ambassador.