What I'm Digging This Month

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It's been awhile since I've rounded up some of my favorites. Let's say we make this a monthly thing rather than weekly, agreed?

Being a skincare and beauty blogger means a lot, but especially having access to wonderful products. Some I love, and some I don't—then a special few make it into my daily routines. Here, my recent three favorites that you should be adding to your skincare regimen as the seasons change. 

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

If you haven't noticed, Kiehl's has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time. So, it should come as no surprise that I've fallen madly in love with the company's Daily Reviving Concentrate. 

Made with ginger root, sunflower oil, tamanu oils and more, the product comes in a one fluid ounce bottle, but does so much (and lasts really long!). The yellow-tinted serum is works to wake up your skin, and I use it every. single. morning. And I will never go without it again. When I first wake up, my skin is so incredibly dull and bleak. It's like I've risen from the dead. Or am a zombie. One or the other ;). By using this oil, however, my complexion goes right back to it's perky self within seconds.

The serum is made out of ginger root, sunflower oil and tamanu oils—all of which are great for revitalizing and increasing blood flow.  

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask

I've been raving about this mask on Instagram lately, but it's because I've really been loving it! Growing up, my mom always used to apply mud masks. She taught me to love them just the same. The only problem for me was how high maintenance they can be. If a mud mask is too cakey, then move at your own risk, right? 

Not with this one. The Epoch Glacial Marine mask is literally unlike any mud mask I have ever tried. It doesn't have too much of a fragrance, and is so incredibly creamy. Made with sea silt from the Pacific Northwest, the mask works to clear impurities from skin while gently exfoliating. Because of the mud, it also brings more than 50 beneficial minerals like zinc and copper to your complexion! Pretty cool, right?

What I really love about it is how low-maintenance it is. After a long day at work, I often come home to A TON of things to do (cook dinner, go to the gym, do the dishes, clean up after the cat, etc.), so sitting down for too long isn't always an option. Many of the masks that I have basically force you to relax due to risk of dripping or falling off, which is fine if that's what you want to do, but are the bane of my existence when I need to multitask. I can spread on this mask, and have no fear about smearing or dripping while I am sweeping or trying to cook. And, it dries in 15-20 minutes. Perfect for busy bodies like me? I think so. 

T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

I've been seeing my fellow skincare and beauty bloggers go on-and-on about Drunk Elephant products for months, but never understood the fad until I was able to get my hands on some myself. Aside from the fact that the packaging is just so perfectly smart—guys, it's spill-proof—the products actually work. Almost immediately. 

This specific nightly serum works wonders on any hard-working skin that just needs a bit of a refresher. It's like a speedy facial, but in a bottle. The serum is 12 percent AHA/BHA. According to Healthline, depending on what skin problem you are trying to solve, you could look to one or the other. The difference? AHAs work to peel away the surface of your skin, revealing smoother and younger-looking cells underneath. BHA, however, delves deeper into pores to remove dead skin cells. 

It is incredibly important to apply this serum at night. Because AHA/BHA are so intense, you don't want to use it in the daylight as being in the sun can cause irritation or rash. You also have to wear sunscreen during the day while using it, but you should be anyway, so it's just an extra excuse. 

Whenever I use this, I feel like my skin feels so soft and healthy. There's no fragrance, which is perfect for evening products (I think that scented ones hinder my sleeping patterns).