Four Must-Burn Candles To Get Your Hands On

I don’t know about you, but candles are a HUGE part of self care for me. They are a method of transporting yourself into a whole new atmosphere. Here, I’ve listed some of my favorite candles that help me to relax every day of the week—spa night, or not.

Spring Candle from Almanac Supply Co., $27

Do your candles change with the seasons? Mine do. After all, pumpkin spice and pine-scents don’t go well with cherry blossoms. When I found out that Almanac Supply Co. produces seasonal candles, I couldn’t have gotten more excited. The brand’s mission is to supply you with goods that help to connect to the earth and nature, and I couldn’t believe more fully in this. This spring candle is the true essence of the season with citrus and floral notes that remind me of blooming flowers—without the allergies.

You’re A Babe Soy Candle from Little Black Box, $15

This bougie is so popular that you’ll see it all over Instagram. Known for it’s fun glass holder with “You’re a Babe” stamped on the front in pink, the candle also has substance as a soy and cruelty-free product. The scent? Floral Garden, because why wouldn’t you want your home to smell like a bouquet of flowers?

Florence Candela from Tocca, $42

When I was gifted a mini version of this candle for Christmas, I couldn’t believe the beautiful scent. I’m a huge francophile (in case you didn’t notice), and this Parisian candle certainly doesn’t help. Encased in a beautiful custom-cut glass, this candle is fluid with notes of bergamot and gardenia. I cannot say enough about this brand, or this piece, as it could compliment any room, anywhere. For me? I keep mine on the vanity in my bathroom.

#25 Calming Lily Coconut Wax Candle from Urban Re-Leaf, $37

CBD is all the rage, so why not put it in your candles as well? That’s what Founder Denise Smith has created with Urban Re-Leaf by creating and selling candles in 9 different scents with cannabis essential oil. Plus, when you burn the candle, the scent will spread throughout your home—calming your senses.