I Tried This Whitening System, and It Worked! (GIVEAWAY)


When you look up “things that stain your teeth” on Google, over 15 million articles show up highlighting everything humanely possible that will make your smile anything but white. Today, I’m reading through them, and it’s like checking off a grocery list…

Tea: check. Soy sauce: check. Tomato sauce: check. Sports drinks: check. Wine (both red and white): check. Fruits: check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Sensitive Whitening System

Sensitive Whitening System

It’s pretty overwhelming, and seems impossible to get around. I mean, what am I supposed to eat, just lettuce? I’ve been looking for a whitening system for awhile now, so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out theirs, I had to jump on the opportunity.

So, to be clear, yes, this is gifted. But no, this gifting doesn’t effect my opinions on this system.

Now, when I did say yes to working with the Smile Brilliant team, I do have to say that I had my concerns. I am deeply afraid of wearing the enamel off of my teeth and having them be sensitive forever, so that’s the first thing that popped into my mind. The second was having my gums become even more sensitive than they already are. Luckily, the company does have a Sensitive Whitening System (from $149), so I opted for that one just to play it safe.

Now, to get down to business, this system is pretty legit. When your kit is first delivered, you do have to wait a week or two to whiten. Why? Because you have to make your set of custom dental trays, of course! It’s actually pretty cool, but you do have to pay extra special attention while doing these. The kit comes with putty that you mix together before creating your dental trays. Once you’re done, you send them back to the Smile Brilliant team!

Dental trays before sending in to Smile Brilliant

Dental trays before sending in to Smile Brilliant

You can only imagine my excitement when I received my retainers for the teeth whitening. Now, the Sensitive Whitening kit comes with whitening applications (leave on from 45 minutes to 3 hours) and desensitizing applications (leave on for at least 15 minutes). Both play a huge role in the whitening process. I’m not going to lie—they don’t taste very good, but they do the job! First, you use the whitening formula (orange packet), and squeeze it onto your retainers. I try to do this when I’m cleaning the house or have to run errands! At first, it took time to get used to the feeling of it, but eventually I hardly even noticed that they were there. After leaving it on for your designated amount of time, you take out your retainers, rinse them out, dry your teeth, and apply the desensitizing gel. I left mine on for around 15 minutes, and found that I started seeing immediate results once completed!

I do have to put a disclosure here…you’re supposed to use the system every other day, but due to my crazy schedule, I really had to squeeze times in whenever I was able. Sometimes it was every day. Others, every other day. Every two days, and so on. I also had a hard time giving up food that stained my teeth (hello, pre workout and pasta sauce). But, regardless, I have to admit…I’ve seen a considerable difference in the shade of my teeth. Stains are seriously being lifted. Below, I’ve included a slide show with current before and afters. I still have some product left to go through, but I am so happy with my results! My darker stains have vanished, and I think the product will continue whitening my teeth without scraping away my enamel.

Over all? I’m actually really impressed with this system. Although my teeth aren’t sparkling white yet, I know that they will get there as I continue to use the system. It might sound silly, but I was starting to feel really self conscious about my browning smile, and was kind of embarrassed. Now, I’m smiling with more confidence and feel like I have a clean and bright smile!

Click the arrow to see my current teeth! Oh—and if you want to buy your own kit, you can use my code for 15% off!

*Products were gifted by the Smile Brilliant team. Opinions and experiences are my own.

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