3 Lip Balms to Get Your Hands On


you have to try these

lip balms!

Allergy-friendly and potently irresistible…

I’m sure that many of you have seen my post on my sudden allergy to most lip care products on Instagram, but for those who haven’t, here it is. Throughout my entire life (until recently), I have never had an allergy any larger than seasonal. But after graduation from college, something changed. I couldn’t use Burt’s Bees or anything really that can be accessed easily from a pharmacy. When I did, my lips would swell and the roof of my mouth would become itchy and tingly. The worst part was the rash that would break out, like red popsicle mouth, which wouldn’t go away for several days after. I tried everything, and even went to an allergy specialist. No one could find anything until I visited my primary doctor, who had seen something similar before. One hour later, I was to pick up my EpiPen from CVS with the newfound knowledge that I was allergic to stone fruit.

What is a stone fruit, exactly? Any fruit with a pit. So that minimized peaches, plums, apples, cherries and so much more from my diet. And I am a fruit person. I know it’s not nearly the worst thing that anyone could ever be diagnosed with, but it did effect my life. Luckily, some of the allergy subsided (I still have no idea how it even developed to begin with), and I can also eat any stone fruit cooked, just not raw. Regardless, I’m still extremely picky about the lip products that I use. So, the point of this whole thing? Well, I’ve rounded up three of the best-of-the-best lip balms that you can try. Whether you have a random allergy like me, or just want to choose something cleaner, I’ve got your back.

Fresh Lips from Bell Mountain Naturals, $7

When I first came across Bell Mountain Naturals’ lip calms, I was overly excited. I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like whenever something needs to be “special” or caters towards anything but “normal” the price tag skyrockets. But here, it’s not the case. The Fresh Lips is cold pressed and hexane-free, and is scented with distilled therapeutic grade essential oils. Aside from the product, itself, I really love the tin that it comes in. I plan on reusing it after I’m done!

Truth (Pink Yarrow Cocoa Lip Whip) from True Moringa, $16

You all know that I love companies that have good products, and give back. That’s where owners Kwami and Emily come in. After both traveling to Ghana, the two united and saw the challenges that smallholder farmers face daily. With this, they discovered the Moringa Tree, which helps crops around it grow better (along with having the potential to end malnutrition with its leaves). Along with this, the tree’s oil seeds are extremely rich in antioxidants and moisturizing agents, making them an ideal ingredient in cosmetics, hair and skincare. This ingredient is used in the Truth (Pink Yarrow Cocoa Lip Whip), which not only works to moisturize your lips, but also promotes cell division and growth. Did I mention that it comes in a beautiful pink shimmer for days that you’re looking for a little bit more than a clear gloss?

Bébé Duette Lip Balm and Hand Crème from Votre Vu, $14

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself way too often without lip balm or hand cream in the winter. It’s horrible! Nothing is worse than both chapped hands AND lips. This is why I was SO excited when I found this dynamic duo from Votre Vu. The Bébé Duette works to protect lips with sunflower seed and coconut oils, while simultaneously helping your chapped hands. No, it’s not the same product—just cleverly packaged with a mirrored flip top.

**These products were gifted to me for review, and were not purchased by me. My opinions are my own and were not altered by the gifting.