July Favorites: Lust-Worthy Body Oils and Botanical Perfumes

Happy July! What are some of the products you’ve been loving? I’d love to know! Anyway, here are my July favorites—let me know if you see any of yours?

Botanical Perfume - Jasmine Balm by Earth Tu Face, $78

Perfume plays such a huge part in an every day outfit. A couple of months ago, Earth Tu Face sent me their botanical perfume, and I just can’t get enough of it. While it comes in other scents, I’ve been loving the jasmine. And what makes it even better? The solid perfume is stored in a shell—perfect for the summer.

Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm by Evan Healy, $26.50

I am huge on eye balms, creams and patches, so you can only imagine how often I use this nourishing eye balm stick. Made with cold pressed wild carrot seed oil, the stick works to brighten my under eye. I use this every day, and night, and have definitely seen results.

Sugar Peach Hydrating Lip Balm by Fresh Beauty, $18

I try to keep a lip balm on me at all times, and as of late, this has been my go-to. I absolutely love the way it smells, and the texture is so silky (swoon).

Cocoa & Clove Body Oil by Jennifer Joan Skincare, $30.45

The scent of this oil is possibly the best thing that existed. Ever. Made with a blend of rich cocoa, spicy clove, orange and sandalwood, the oil is musty and sweet with a hint of chocolate. I loved using this as a massage oil, and it’s also one of the only products that will super-hydrate my dry elbows. *Empty Alert!