Your Go-To Skintox Ingredient: Apple Cider Vinegar

Cooking? Yes. Drinking? Of course. But for your skin? Never….until now.


So…what exactly is apple cider vinegar? According to Harvard Health Publishing, it is a process at which apples are crushed, distilled and then fermented. It creates a pucker-sour taste that’s often used in cooking.


Apple cider vinegar is one of those “thousand years old” ingredients. Historically, it’s been used as detoxifying methods, antiobiotics and a treatment for scurvy. More recently, the vinegar has been used in the weight loss health world. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the apple cider vinegar diet. In fact, you may have even done it. I know I did. Drinking part apple cider vinegar, part water in the morning before eating anything. It does work, somewhat, but little did I know that it would have a larger impact in another area: my face.


Apple cider vinegar antifungal and antibacterial properties, meaning that it works best to really clean out your pores. There are a ton of DIY recipes that you can use to make your own apple cider vinegar cleanses and soaps, but I’ve actually found a ton of justice in using it as a water replacement when mixing powder masks.

One of my favorites is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay—which can be found on Amazon, in Target, Walmart and so many more stores. It is a miracle mask, quite literally. If you google it, you’ll see a ton of reviews on the thing. There’s skincare bloggers that say it’s literally helped their acne to vanish. Others have used it on their hair. Personally, I like to use it as a deep cleansing mask before the start of every week, and sometimes the night before an event. I find that it brings my face back to life 24 hours after using!

Where does the apple cider vinegar come in? You mix the clay with it. Half part clay, half part apple cider vinegar, mixing the two together feels like a science experiment. There’s a lot of bubbling and fizzing to be had, haha. Once done, you plaster it onto your face (I use a makeup brush), and wait until fully dry. This mask gets extremely tight on your face, and brings all of your blood circulation to the surface. Because it’s working with the apple cider vinegar, it is literally detoxifying your skin within a 20-to-25 minute period. Cool, right? I have to say, too, that when I replace the vinegar with water (which is very rare), I don’t have nearly the same powerful results.


-Graydon Face Foam, Credo

-Cleansing Nectar, Fig + Yarrow

-S.W. Basics Toner