The Ultimate Calming Ingredient: Lavender

Photo by Pauline Jurkevicius on Unsplash

Photo by Pauline Jurkevicius on Unsplash

Lavender is perhaps the most well-known, yet underestimated ingredient in the skincare world. In my household, however, it’s a favorite.

As a touch of color in your apartment, or an herbal ingredient in food, the plant has come a long way. Not to mention that it’s a beautiful calming component in skincare—making all of those nasty red spots disappear.

A Bit of History

According to Healthline, the use of lavender is dated back to Ancient Egypt. In Egypt, it assisted in mummification, and later as it spread to Persia, Ancient Greece and Rome, became known for purifying the body and mind. And it’s been used for a variety of things like anxiety, insomnia, depression, toothaches and acne.

How Lavender Can Help You

I love using lavender as an essential oil, which is usually the version that comes with the strongest fragrance. And because it does so wonderfully with my anxiety and occasional insomnia, it came as no surprise that it worked wonders on my skin, as well. Let’s make this clear, though—I am not directly applying lavender essential oils from the bottle to my face. I use it when it’s mixed within some of my favorite products, like the Calming Bath Salts from Herb Market Botanicals.

To break it down, lavender is a calming agent—and in all ways possible. It helps to calm you mentally, leading to less stress breakouts and just an overall better well-being. It also helps to calm down any rashes, like eczema, or nasty red pimples that seem to have no end.

I have pretty normal skin that is only occasionally sensitive, so for those with easily-aggravated skin should test this on their wrists before applying.

Great Products with Lavender

*Please note that I have not tried all of these products. These are solely recommendations based on the ingredient.