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Please keep in mind that while reading beautifulee, all information is true to my personal opinion. I am entitled to my own opinions, morals and beliefs on this blog. I work very hard on this website, but remember that whatever works on my skin, may not work on yours. I have normal to dry skin with occasional irritations. If you do not have similar skin, the products may not work the same. Because of this, all products or methods that I mention are completely to your disclosure on whether you decide to try them or not. Keep in mind that I may not live the same lifestyle, nor in the same environment, as you. I do not have the same DNA as you. We are each unique to our own person. 

Which brings me to the most important part: I am not a skincare expert. I did not study dermatology in college. I am a writer who is overly passionate about skincare. I am exploring and trying so that you don't have to! Or to inspire you to. Because of this, I do plenty of research about products before using them on my own face, but I do suggest that all of my readers do the same before trying one out themselves—especially if they do not have the same skin type as me.  In this light, it is to be said that none of my posts should be taken as medical advice. I am not perfect, and I am certainly not an expert in this field (although I hope to be one day). 

If you are unsure about trying a product that I mention, or have very sensitive skin, please be sure to test out the product before using it thoroughly. So you can do this, I will always link back to the original source where I bought the product. This way, you are able to see the company's website and products for yourself, and decide what is best for you. Beautifulee is partially supported by the use of affiliate links and sponsorships. When you click on a link or the image of a product, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price for you. This only means that the company gives me a small percentage of the sale. With that said, this does not effect my thoughts, opinions or product choices—all come directly from what I want to share with you. 

Finally, all products on this blog, unless stated otherwise, are purchased by me. I promise to keep to my morals through this process, and to only show you the products that I would truly use on my own face. I am making the commitment to be completely transparent with my readers. 

In regards to content, all content unless otherwise stated is mine. Please remember that each post and photo take a lot of time to become what you see, so if you ever wish to use my content in a commercial manner, please contact me. I am easily reached at