Self Care Should Be a Routine, Not a Hobby

Background photo by Rose Elena, courtesy of Unsplash

Background photo by Rose Elena, courtesy of Unsplash

Right before Thanksgiving, my cousin moved to Hawaii. He and his wife decided that this was best for their family, so they packed up only the necessities, sold the rest and left. Pretty much all within a month. The move was sudden for everyone, but it was what they thought was best. Once they moved, they stayed in hotels and Air BnB's until they found a permanent home. And now? Well, they are living the life of mango trees, paddle boarding and crystal clear blue water. 

Why am I starting off with this story?

Long story short, they took a chance. They made a crazy decision, and went for it. Which is a HUGE component of self care, in my opinion. And the results were—and continue to be—amazing. They are so incredibly happy. The kind of happy that shows on your face and in your skin, and well, in your whole being. My cousin's story is just proof that everyone needs time to put themselves, and their families, first. You need to make decisions that are the best for you, even if the decisions are outside of societal norms. 

Of course, picking up your life and moving to a place that you've never been to is huge, but in the long run, it's an element of self care. A large one. Of putting yourself first along with the ones that you hold close.—and knowing yourself is the only way to successfully do that.

Self care is portrayed in many different ways, from taking the time to travel and seeing new things to saving money and making sure that you pay the bills on time. Even breaking your diet to indulge in a chocolate bar is self care. But my favorite? Skincare. 

It's just so simple, yet can seem so hard in everyday life. But by putting myself first, I've become addicted to Monday night masks, washing my face every night, and even setting aside some funds to invest in new products. It's become less of a chore and more of a hobby. I mean, it brought me here, to you, right?

And you know what? It works. Any ounce of self care makes a world of a difference. You feel better about yourself, for yourself and others (no matter how big or small your self care decision is). 

How is doing a facial self care?

Self care is literally taking care of yourself. Doing things that make you feel good emotionally, physically and spiritually. You probably hear this all the time, but you really do only get one body. One vessel. So why not do everything you can to take care of it?

Doing something as simple as washing your face, or treating yourself to your favorite (and fattening) food can literally turn around one of your worst days into your best. It's just doing what makes you happy (without losing any decent morals along the way). Happiness is literally SO important. True happiness—which means being happy about your outer, inner and spiritual beauty—always paves a positive path for you and anyone who crosses your way. It brings positive things into your life, and chases out the bad.  

Honestly, beginning to notice how important it was to take care of myself is what brought me to love skincare. It's the ultimate getaway aside from traveling to an island or having a spa day. And it's easy (no matter your financial situation).

So what does self care actually do? 

Just in case I haven't emphasized this enough already, it turns negative thoughts into positive ones. Hopes into dreams. Self-pity into confidence. Hate into love. 

Sounds incredibly impossible, but it really is true. 

Take me, for example, A year ago, I was depressed, anxious and had a stomach filled with knots. It was after graduation, and I was looking for a job. It seemed like all I was doing was wasting my time. I was turned down time after time again by company recruiters, and with no explanation or ways to do better. There was no "next time" like how there was in school. 

So I slugged around for a month (maybe two), dived spoons into a lot of ice cream cartons and even cried at random moments. At some point during this time, I tried to remember when I was last at my happiest. And do you know what I realized? It's when I was taking care of myself. Taking risks. Smiling. Laughing. Exercising. Thinking positively. Spending less time in front of the computer, and more time meditating or doing facials. So I took a step back, and I did it.

And not to say that taking time to myself is 100 percent the reason for this, but by deciding to live my life rather than fester in it, I solved the original problem that had led to my downfall: the intense expectations and rejection from job applications. By taking care of myself, I was able to feel better, mustered up some confidence, and reach out to my current employer. Taking care of myself literally led to my success—or at least the pep that I needed to get there.  

It's a pure and simple example on how something so small can lead to something so big. Self care leads to bigger things. To a better you and better outcomes for your life. 

And maybe it sounds a little too optimistic, but how could you know if you haven't tried it?