Take That Opportunity by Storm

My biggest fear in life is not saying "yes" to enough. To missing out on an incredibly great opportunity that could change my life—even if it ends up not doing so. Some people call it FOMO (fear of missing out), but I call it living life. 

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Self Care Should Be a Routine, Not a Hobby

Right before Thanksgiving, my cousin moved to Hawaii. He and his wife decided that this was best for their family, so they packed up only the necessities, sold the rest and left. Pretty much all within a month. The move was sudden for everyone, but it was what they thought was best. Once they moved, they stayed in hotels and Air BnB's until they found a permanent home. And now? Well, they are living the life of mango trees, paddle boarding and crystal clear blue water. 

Why am I starting off with this story?

Long story short, they took a chance. They made a crazy decision, and went for it. Which is a HUGE component of self care, in my opinion.

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My Skincare Story

When I think back into my skincare journey, which is no where near as dramatic as others, I think of how great it all started out. No—really. I'm lucky enough to come from a family with great skin genes. All of my uncles and aunts pretty much look like they are ten years younger than they actually are. They are literally skincare unicorns. And luckily, the gene was passed down to me. Because of this, I never really suffered from acne. During middle school, I hardly broke out, and got away with using Neutrogena Grapefruit face wash every night (and a dab of Clinique moisturizer in the morning). 

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