About me


Hey there!

Welcome to my personal paradise of healthy lifestyle living. My name is Antonia and I am an assistant editor, cat-lover, travel enthusiast and—above all—a skincare addict. Currently, I am working on my 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training, and am working hard at committing to a natural and healthy lifestyle.


Beautifulee all started when...

My obsession with skincare started five years ago after a bad allergic reaction to norethindrone—a hormone chemical often found in birth control. My normal skin turned dry, dull and prone to multiple breakouts no matter what I did. And when I thought that my clear skin would never come back again, I turned to one last resort: natural skincare. Going au natural was the best decision I ever made, and here I am now helping you to learn the ins-and-outs (while picking up a few AMAZING products along the way). So, my lovelies, welcome to Beautifulee—your destination for all-things skincare from product reviews and my personal journey to ingredient spotlights and what I'm loving.

Since beginning Beautifulee, I’ve enhanced my blog to focus on my journey to living a healthy lifestyle—bettering myself both mentally and physically. Here, you’ll find a combination of my passions from yoga and skincare to travel and opinion pieces.

My goal is to help myself live a better and healthier life, but to also inspire others to do so as well. No matter your position in life, IT IS POSSIBLE. Believe in yourself, and hop on the train with me. Thanks for joining!


Antonia Lee